Welcome to the AYSC Point System! If you are already familiar with our point system and just want to check your points, please click the Excel icon to the left and you will be directed to the document. If you are new to this, please proceed to the introduction down below.

What is the Point System?

AYSC has created the point system as a way to encourage volunteers to participate more in community service. We believed that volunteers will be further motivated to commit their best effort and work hard by offering them some small incentives. The point system grants volunteers points for their hours of services. Every one hour of service is equal to 5 points. Points of every volunteer are recorded and will be kept on our record as long as he/she remains in the organization. Volunteers can claim prizes with the points that they have accumulated.



"It is more blessed to give than to receive"

Acts 20:35

Volunteers are always needed for many events in our community. We should always make ourselves available and work hard to serve others who are in need.

What are the prizes?

Pictures are for reference only.


Varieties of Erasers = 200 Points

Amazon Gift Card = 1000 Points

T-shirts = 600 Points

AMC Movie Ticket = 1500 Points

Point System Scoreboard

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