AYSC Executive Board Members

AYSC values the leadership of youth because we truly believe that the younger generations can bring greater and better changes to the community. Not only are they more creative and innovative, but they are also very ambitious.

Executive Board

AYSC encourages every alumnus to run as a Senior Youth Advisor, also known as SYA. Not only will the young board members benefit from guidance, but alumni will also be able to contribute more to the community.

Senior Youth Advisor

AYSC advisors are the most experienced and also involved in the organization the longest. They offer plenty of professional advice to the young board members and guide everyone to become a stronger leader on the committee.​

Adult Advisor

The AYSC Board System is structured in three primary branches. The executive board is run by a group of young high school adults, each representing a certain position. For detailed information about the responsibilities and tasks of each board position, please click the button below to learn more.

Executive Board

            Aaron Chan
Immediate Past President

          Thanh Ong

2.Ivyna Truong- Vice President .HEIC

  Ivyna Truong
Vice President

4.Aileen Xie- Secretary .HEIC

Aileen Xie


3.Tina Ton- Treasurer .HEIC

 Tina Ton


10.Amor Barcenas- Secretary's Assistant .HEIC

     Amor Barcenas 

Secretary Assistant

9.Song Chen- Treasurer's Assistant .HEIC

        Song Chen 

Treasurer Assistant

7. Jeffrey Nguyen- SAA.HEIC

    Jeffery Nguyen


6. Richard Tan- SAA.HEIC

  Richard Tan 


5.Sam Yang- Publicist .HEIC

Sam Yang      Publicist

8.Jayden Khaoone- Webmaster .HEIC

   Jayden Khaoone     Webmaster

11.Yaozu Li- Webmaster's Assistant .HEIC

          Yaozu Li
Webmaster Assistant

Senior Youth Advisors
gary xie (sya).webp
Jacky Chan (SYA).webp
Lawrence Chen (SYA).webp
Gary Xie
Jacky Chan
Lawrence Chan