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Friends Of AYSC

Without all the selfless and generous support from our partners, AYSC would not be able to become who we are today and would not have succeeded so rapidly. Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Through partnerships, AYSC will cooperate and serve our community to the best of our abilities.

Chinese Community United Methodist Church

CCUMC is like a second family for AYSC. They provide us a home base where we hold our monthly board meetings, general meetings, committee meetings, and events preparation sessions. We appreciate the love and hospitality. In return, we take great care of their facility and offer to help clean and organize whenever there is need. Like families, we often gather to have reunions to reinforce the bond between CCUMC church members and AYSC members.


Chinese American Citizens Alliance

The mission of CACA is "to empower Chinese Americans by promoting the highest ethics and morals, by practicing and defending American citizenship in its fullest rights and responsibilities, by observing respectfully American patriotism, by preserving historical and cultural traditions, and by providing youth leadership and community learning through education".

They have given AYSC board members the opportunity to attend a leadership training program, known as Youth Leadership Conference. Not only have they fully funded the application fees for the program, but also the cost of transportation. With such a great opportunity, our members are able to strengthen their social and leadership skills. In return, AYSC offers their thanks by helping out at the CACA Senior Luncheon held annually at Lincoln Recreation Center on July 4.


Wa Sung Community Service Club

Wa Sung is an outstanding community service organization. They reach out to many businesses and other non-profit organizations for support and cooperation to uphold large service events within the community to serve the elders. AYSC partners with Wa Sung to work together and serve the community, such as the Wa Sung Crab Feed, Wa Sung Easter Pancake Breakfast, etc. They also provide scholarship opportunities for AYSC members.


Oakland Chinatown Chambers of Commerce

Oakland Chinatown Chambers of Commerce is an organization run by distinguished business owners who want to help enhance the Oakland Chinatown community.  



Lincoln Square Recreation Center

Every month AYSC does Adopt-A-Park at Lincoln Square Recreation Center, along with participating in other various community events. We show our greatest appreciation towards them!


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