2019 PAL Camp

Hey everyone. The annual PAL CAMP is soon! Mark your calendars for July 30-August 2, 2019. PAL Camp is one of THE BEST event of AYSC. You can't miss this!! Through camping, it opens up a brand new experience where everyone including Advisors, board members, general members of AYSC, unite together to bond and enjoy the fun. This event also encourages general members to become passionate and dedicated to AYSC & get to know the current board members, Advisors, and other general members. After all the hard work volunteers contributed to the community- it's time to take a break to relax and enjoy the beautiful wilderness. Many exciting activities are included within the 4 days and 3 nights of camping, such as the following: day hikes, night hikes, swimming, sports, board games, scavenger hunt, bond fire BBQ, group games, karaoke, water balloons fight, and more! That definitely sounds interesting to me. More information to come! If your thinking of coming, please sign up:


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