AYSC Thrilling Experiences

Youth Leadership Council (YLC)

AYSC Board Members have the opportunity to sign up for this inclusive leadership development program at Rice University, Huston, Texas. Only 6 board members will be selected to attend. All thanks to our partnering organization Chinese American Citizen Alliance (CACA) and Oakland Police Foundation for sponsoring all the expenses including plane tickets and admission fees, and making this wonderful weekend trip possible for our Board Members!


For more information about this program (YLC), visit their main website at http://www.ylc.net/



AYSC Walter-Mildred Chinn Annual Picnic

Walter-Mildred Chinn Picnic is designated to honor our founder Walter-Mildred Chinn and his wife. Everyone is welcomed to this picnic and to enjoy this wonderful moment with us. There are plenty of food and interactive activities to keep everyone fresh and entertaining. As a tradition, we always will have the game "Piñata"!


PAL Camp is THE BEST event of AYSC. You can't miss this!! Through camping, it opens up to a brand new experience where everyone including board, general, and new members of AYSC, unite together and enjoy the fun up in the Oakland Hills. This event encourages those newly joined members to become passionate and dedicated to AYSC, so forth to run for future board positions.


After all the hard works volunteers contributed to the community, it's time to take a break to relax and enjoy the beautiful wilderness. Many exciting activities are included within the 4 days and 3 nights of camping, such as the following:


Day hikes, night hikes, swimming, sports, board games, scavenger hunt, bond fire BBQ, group games, karaoke, water balloons fight, professional development presentation sessions, and more!



AYSC Great America Trip

Work hard, play hard! Throughout the year, AYSC Board Members have been dedicated to achieving a higher success for this community service organization. It is time to take a small break and let's all enjoy the beautiful day at California's Great America!

AYSC Movie Night

Every teenager wants to have that one sleepover experience at a best friend's house and chat together all night long. AYSC saw the possibility of a movie night, providing everyone an opportunity to experience a safe and secured sleepover at this beautiful church! In bonus, AYSC can also do a small fundraiser during this event!



Pizza & Movie Night

Pizza is good. Movies are better. A movie night with pizza?!! Volunteers are craving for events like these! In addition, they are cost FREE!!

2017 Walk In The Park

It is always nice to take a break and take a walk around mother nature. AYSC were invited to join such amazing exhibit where volunteers can see some rocket science technologies that are existing. It is always fun to go for a walk with a bunch of your friends, isn't it?



AYSC White Elephant Gift Exchanging Party

As a tradition, AYSC host a White Elephant party at Oakland Chinatown Lincoln Recreation Center right after our December General Meeting. We encourage all members attending to our December General Meeting to bring in a desirable gift and wrapped it nicely so that they can participate in the party afterward!